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Zhihe Liu

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Zhihe Liu
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Education Background

2016-2019  PhD, College of Electronic Science and Engineering, Jilin University, China.

2013-2016 Master,College of Electronic Science and Engineering, Jilin University, China.

2009-2013 Bachelor,  School of physical science and technology, Dalian university, China.

Work Experience

2019-now Postdoctoral, Southern University of Science and Technology, China.


[1] Liu, Z., Liu, J., Wang, X., Mi, F., Wang, D., Wu, C.* Fluorescent Bioconjugates for Super-Resolution Optical Nanoscopy. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2020, 31, 1857-1872.

[2] Liu, Z.#; Liu, J.#; Sun, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Yuan, Y.; Fang, X.; Wang, F.; Qin, W.; Wu, C.; Cooperative Blinking from Dye Ensemble Activated by Energy Transfer for Super-resolution Cellular Imaging. Anal Chem. 2019, 91, 4179−4185.

[3] Liu, Z.; Yang, Y.; Sun, Z.; Wu, C.; Enhanced single-particle brightness and photostability of semiconductor polymer dots by enzymatic oxygen scavenging system. Opt. Mater. 2016, 62, 1-6.

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[5] Chen, X.#; Liu, Z.#; Li, R.#; Shan, C.; Zeng, Z.; Xue, B.; Yuan, W.; Mo, C.; Xi, P.; Wu, C.; Sun, Y.; Multicolor Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy with Blue and Carmine Small Photoblinking Polymer Dots. ACS Nano 2017, 11, 8084-8091. (# Co-first Author)

[6] Chen, X.#; Li, R.#; Liu, Z.#; Sun, K.; Sun, Z.; Chen, D.; Xu, G.; Xi, P.; Wu, C.; Sun, Y.; Small Photoblinking Semiconductor Polymer Dots for Fluorescence Nanoscopy. Adv. Mater. 2017, 29, 1-7. (# Co-first Author)