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Zezhou Sun

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Zezhou Sun
Ph.D. Student
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BS, College Of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University, China, 2010-2014


[1] Z. Sun, S. Liu, Z. Liu, W. Qin, D. Chen, G. Xu, C. Wu*, FRET acceptor suppressed single-particle photobleaching in semiconductor polymer dots. Opt. Lett. 2016, 41, 2370-2373.

[2] Z. Sun, Y. Yuan, Q. Li, Z. Liu, C. Wu*, Imaging Fast Cellular Uptake of Polymer Dots via Receptor‑Mediated Endocytosis. Journal of Analysis and Testing, 2018, 2, 61-68.

[3] Z. Sun, Z. Liu, H. Chen, R. Li, Y. Sun, D. Chen, G. Xu, L. Liu, C. Wu*, Semiconducting Polymer Dots with Modulated Photoblinking for High-order Super-resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging. Advanced Optical Materials, 2019, 1900007.