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Jie Liu

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Jie Liu
Visiting Scholars
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Work Experience

07/2023-now, Visiting Scholars, Southern University of Science and Technology, China.

09/2019-06/2023       Hong Kong Baptist University    PhD candidate in Department of Biology
09/2017-06/2019        Harbin Institute of Technology   Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
09/2009-06/2013       Hubei University of Technology  Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology


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2.     Wang, F., Chen, H., Liu, Z., Mi, F., Fang, X., Liu, J., … & Li, Q. (2019). Conjugated polymer dots for biocompatible siRNA delivery. New Journal of Chemistry, 43(36), 14443-14449.
3.     Liu, Z.#, Liu, J.#, Zhang, Z., Sun, Z., Shao, X., Guo, J., … & Wu, C.* (2020). Narrow-band polymer dots with pronounced fluorescence fluctuations for dual-color super-resolution imaging. Nanoscale, 12(14), 7522-7526. (# Contribute equally)
4.     Wang, D., Liu, J., Liu, Z., Zhang, Z., Sun, Z., Wu, C., & Wang, G. (2020). Bioconjugation of IgG Secondary Antibodies to Polymer Dots for Multicolor Subcellular Imaging. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 3(3), 2214-2220.
5.     Liu, Z., Liu, J., Wang, X., Mi, F., Wang, D., & Wu, C.* (2020). Fluorescent Bioconjugates for Super-Resolution Optical Nanoscopy. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 31(8), 1857-1872.