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​​Yuan Li

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​​Yuan Li
Research Scholar
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Education Background

2014-2019 PhD, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, China.

Work Experience

2019-now Postdoctoral, Southern University of Science and Technology, China.


[1] Yuan Li, Sheng Yang, Lei Guo, Yue Xiao, Jinqiu Luo, Yinhui Li, Man-Shing Wong, Ronghua Yang*. Differentiation of Intracellular Hyaluronidase Isoform by Degradable Nanoassembly Coupled with RNA-Binding Fluorescence Amplification. Anal. Chem., 91(10), 6887-6893.
[2] Yuan Li, Sheng Yang, Jing Zheng, Zhen Zou, Ronghua Yang*, and Weihong Tan. “Trojan Horse” DNA Nanostructure for Personalized Theranostics: Can It Knock on the Door of Preclinical Practice?. Langmuir, 2018, 34(49), 15028-15044.
[3] Sheng Yang, Chongchong Guo, Yuan Li, Jingru Guo, Jie Xiao, Zhihe Qing, JiangshengLi, and Ronghua Yang*. A Ratiometric Two-Photon Fluorescent Cysteine Probe with Well-Resolved Dual Emissions Based on Intramolecular Charge Transfer-Mediated Two-Photon-FRET Integration Mechanism. ACS Sens., 2018, 3(11), 2415-2422.